The Picture House

Affordable art

The aim with our collection of Art at Picture House is to allow clients to be easily within reach of owning Works of Art , and for people in general to be able to easily buy Art as a Gift for others. Art has a spiritual significance and goes deeper than most of us think. We offer people an easier initiation down this path. Our Collections are innovative too & also assist Emerging Artists to feel free to take on the challenge of their Artistic Journey and participate in this ‘Stage’ which is Picture House and interact with our distinct clientele. New Emerging Artists such as Diane Buttigieg , Sarah Marie Scicluna, Claudia Chircop & from further afield, the likes of Photos Demetriou [Cyprus], Mehmet Kutlu [Istanbul], Angela Matera & Raffaella Noto[Italy] & Anna Runefelt [Sweden]. Ceramic & Glass Sculptures, Mono Prints, Acrylic on Panel Abstracts and Landscapes, Functional Art in Raku & Glazed Porcelain. The range of Art is available even in custom format for the use in High End rental properties.